Resale and Dues Information

Resale Packet Information
Pursuant to Code Section § 55.1-1990 of the Virginia Code, a co-owner that is in the process of selling a unit must request a resale certificate from the Association.  The Request for Resale Certificate is found under this link and should be returned to the Management Office by one of the following methods:
  • In person or by Mail - 8010 Seven Woods Drive, Alexandria, VA 22309
  • Email
The options for timeframes for completion and the associated cost to the seller are found below.  Please indicate your selection on the request form. Payment can be made as part of settlement.
  • Hard Copy Regular Request (available for pick-up within 14 days) - $292  
  • Hard Copy Rush Request (available for pick-up within 5 business days) - $349
  • Electronic Regular Request (within 14 days) - $263
  • Electronic Rush Request (within 5 business days) - $320
Dues Requests
Requests for dues information are completed through Sequoyah's financial management company, CMC.  Please do not send your requests to the onsite management office as this may cause delays in processing.  In order to make your dues request, please follow the instructions found on this link.  Contact CMC at 703-631-7200 with any questions regarding dues information.