About Sequoyah

Sequoyah is a residential Condominium Community created in 1972 under the Horizontal Property Act. The Minchew Corporation, the original developer, merged with the Yeonas Company to complete the development of Sequoyah in 1978.
Sequoyah is located on 75.4947 acres in the Lee District of Fairfax County, Virginia and consists of 1,018 individually owned units. The condominium complex was named in honor of the great Cherokee leader and educator, Sequoyah, who invented the written language of the Cherokees. The sequoia tree and Sequoia National Park were also named in his honor and their spelling is a phonetic adaptation of his name. His statue occupies a place of honor in Statuary Hall of the U.S. Capitol as a 'distinguished son' of the state of Oklahoma.
There are three types of California architecture in Sequoyah:
  • The Five-Plexes: 131 buildings, 655 units
  • The Garden Apartments: 9 buildings, 87 units
  • The Villas: 13 buildings, 276 units
Sequoyah's streets are named after California towns and cities and may be recognized by the word 'Place' following the name of the street. All of the streets, parking lots, sidewalks and grassland areas are private and owned by the community.
Seven Woods Drive, Tamarind Street and Fielding Street are owned by Fairfax County and maintained by the State.

Sequoyah's logo is displayed on the entrance signs at Seven Woods Drive and Janna Lee Avenue, and on the Sequoyah letterhead. The logo was designed by the original developer to depict the architectural design of the five-plexes, the first buildings constructed. The squares and rectangle with the Sequoia tree depict a top-down view of one five-plex building. A five-plex building consists of four 2-story units (small squares in the logo) and a carport area with a rambler unit above it (the rectangle with the Sequoia tree in the logo).