Joining one of Sequoyah's committees is one way to help make our community a great place to live. Whether you are looking for an activity, a way to meet your neighbors or a way to become more involved in the community, consider participating on an Association committee. Your ideas, time and effort will be a valuable contribution to improving our community.
To volunteer for a committee, please indicate your interest on the Volunteer Form and return it to the General Manager.  
The Architectural Review Committee is tasked with the responsibility of approving Co-Owner requests for modification on the exterior of the buildings or in the common areas.  This may include requests pertaining to the installation of new windows or doors, the installation of satellite or cable services, the planting of flowers in the common areas or any other modifications that are visible from the outside of your unit.
To request a modification, please fill out the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) form and return it to the Management Office.  The form will be forwarded to the Committee for review and approval.

The Budget Committee is comprised of members of our community which enables co-owners to discuss and approve how their money is spent. The owners who serve on the Budget Committee represent a cross-section of the community. The Treasurer acts as the Chair of the Committee and will make sure that all Committee members understand the basic components of the budget.  
After reviewing historical information about the needed funds for operations and reserves, the Committee estimates the total expenses for the coming year and compares that sum to the Association’s potential revenue.  Using a formula found in the Master Deed for the percent obligation of each unit, the Budget Committee then recommends any needed increases in the condo fee to the Board of Governors for review and approval.
This Committee meets a few times in early Fall.
The Communication Committee was formed for the purpose of improving the way in which Sequoyah communicates with the owners and residents.  The Committee's focuses are to develop and recommend ways the Board and Management can better use electronic methods of communications and to establish alternative methods to the paper newsletter and paper notices. The Committee will also investigate ways to facilitate owner and resident feedback.

The Covenant's Committee is responsible for addressing cases involving violations of the rules and regulations that govern the Sequoyah community. The Committee schedules hearings for each co-owner and provides them with an opportunity to present evidence related to their individual case. The Committee then deliberates the facts of the case, any evidence presented, as well as any mitigating circumstances, and makes a decision regarding the outcome of the case.

The Covenant's Committee meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month and typically run from 7:30 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. 
**Note - Individual hearings are not open to the public for reasons of confidentiality.
The Landscape Committee monitors the appearance of over 75 acres of Sequoyah grounds, checks on performance of contractors and condominium employees doing grounds work, advises the Board of Governors on needed grounds maintenance and contracts related to grounds care and recommends landscape improvements.  The areas of interest to the Committee include grass cutting, soil treatment, leaf control, tree and bush trimming, removal of dead trees, removal of unsightly growth and fallen vegetation, common element flower beds, pathway maintenance and enhancing improvements such as new plantings. 

Members of the Committee each take primary monitoring responsibility for an assigned phase of the community. Meetings are held each month to coordinate maintenance and needed improvements in each of the assigned areas.