Resale Packets

Pursuant to Code Section § 55.1-1990 of the Virginia Code, a co-owner that is in the process of selling a unit must request a resale certificate from the Association.  The Request for Resale Certificate is found under this link and should be returned to the Management Office by one of the following methods:
  • In person or by Mail - 8010 Seven Woods Drive, Alexandria, VA 22309
  • Email
The options for timeframes for completion and the associated cost to the seller are found below.  Please indicate your selection on the request form.
  • Hard Copy Regular Request (available for pick-up within 14 days) - $292  
  • Hard Copy Rush Request (available for pick-up within 5 business days) - $349
  • Electronic Regular Request (within 14 days) - $263
  • Electronic Rush Request (within 5 business days) - $320